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Aluminium Sheets


We can supply rolled aluminium in three principal products forms:-
Plate: a flat material, either hot or cold rolled, over 6 mm thickness.
Sheet: a cold rolled material, flat, over 0.2mm but not exceeding 6 mm thick and coiled sheet known as strip, with a thickness of over 0.2 mm up to 3 mm.
Foil: a cold rolled material 0.2 mm thick or less.
Rolled aluminium is widely used in many industries including:
Aircraft - Structural members, cladding & many fitments. 
Rail - Structures, coach panelling, tankers and freight wagons. 
Road - Buses, truck bodies, tippers, tankers, radiators, trim, traffic signs and lighting columns.

Building - Insulation, roofing, cladding & guttering. 

Engineering - Welded structures, tolling plate, cladding & panelling, and heat exchangers.
Electrical - Transformer windings, busbars, cable sheathing, & switchgear.
Chemical - Process plant, vessels and chemical carriers.


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