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Aluminium Composite Panels
Aluminium Composite Panels is a sandwich-type composite panel consisting of a non-toxic polyethylene core firmly bonded between fine aluminium facing and backing sheets.

It is a technologically advanced product whose unique features facilitate creative architectural design. They have many excellent characteristics such as weather-proof ability, chemical resistant, heat insulation, sound insulation, lightweight, flatness, scrubbing resistant, fireproof etc.

Attractive and versatile, they are ideal cladding for interior and exterior surfaces on buildings and constructions of all kinds. The material is rigid, light and durable. It can easily be worked into a variety of shapes and has good insulating properties.
Aluminium composite panels can be used for the following applications:
Sign Making (Ideal for screen & digital printing)
Shop fitting and design
Manufacture of Point of sale displays 
Trade stand designs
Transport and industrial linings
Partitioning, wall linings &  suspended ceilings 
Industrial Applications


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