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Agarwal Trade Centre Pvt Ltd is the largest manufacturer of Aluminium Grills, HIgh Tensile Ladders, Fibre Glass Sheet and Moulding Dustbins in the country. The visionary approach of Agarwal Trade Centre Pvt Ltd made the company increase the manufacturing capacity of aluminium products every year. The additional manufacturing capacity will boost volume growth and help maintain our leadership position in the market.

We lead the market in manufacturing as well as distributing the aluminium products. Our tie-up with Gurind ACP and POLYGAL gives us the edge in providing best products with reasonable price, thus boosting profits and ensuring growth.

We are the Manufacturers of:
Aluminium Grills
Aluminium grills are suitable for a wide range of applications such as doors, windows, partitions, balconies, railings, furniture and decorative false ceilings. They are suitable for any environment, whether for domestic, industrial or commercial use.

These grills are lightweight yet stronger and more resilient than steel. Moreover, these grills are not prone to rusting as iron or steel are. Aluminium grills are extremely difficult to cut, bend or break.

Aluminum grills has widespread usage in residential housing, industrial housing, industrial projects, factories and in the public utilities system like post offices, railways, stadiums etc.

Aluminium High Tensile Ladder
Aluminium climbing ladders are ideal for indoor and outdoor access solutions where a stable and secure platform is required. They are lightweight and mobile, and available in many sizes.

Aluminium alloys used in ladders are high tensile for lighter weight and greater strength so in general are tough and able to take general day-to-day wear and tear very well. They will dent and but not chip or crack when subjected to severe impact. They do not need a protective finish as they will not dry out or weather with age or sunlight exposure.

Aluminium Composite Panels
Aluminium Composite Panels is a sandwich-type composite panel consisting of a non-toxic polyethylene core firmly bonded between fine aluminium facing and backing sheets.

It is a technologically advanced product whose unique features facilitate creative architectural design. They have many excellent characteristics such as weather-proof ability, chemical resistant, heat insulation, sound insulation, lightweight, flatness, scrubbing resistant, fireproof etc.

Attractive and versatile, they are ideal cladding for interior and exterior surfaces on buildings and constructions of all kinds. The material is rigid, light and durable. It can easily be worked into a variety of shapes and has good insulating properties.

Aluminium Sheets
We can supply rolled aluminium in three principal products forms:-
Plate: a flat material, either hot or cold rolled, over 6 mm thickness.
Sheet:a cold rolled material, flat, over 0.2mm but not exceeding 6 mm thick and coiled sheet known as            strip, with a thickness of over 0.2 mm up to 3 mm.
Foil: a cold rolled material 0.2 mm thick or less.

Fibre Glass Sheet
Fibreglass is extensively used as roofing material in many industries and houses.
Fibreglass roofing sheets come in two varieties:
1. Designer Corrugated Sheets
2. Fibreglass Mesh Wire Roofing Sheets (for extra strength)

Our  roofing sheets are available in:
» Standard Cement Sheets Corrugation
» Galvanized Iron Sheet Corrugation
» Aluminium Sheet Corrugation
» Various colours and designs

Moulding Dustbins
With advanced production facilities, we are supplying high quality injection molded pails in different styles and capacity ranging from 1L to 20L. Our pails are featured of air-tight, leakage proof, safe and tamper-evident. Being robust, nestable and easy to transport, they are ideal for packing of paint, chemicals, lubricant, pharmaceuticals, detergent as well as food products. Colors are optional. Screen or offset logo printing are welcome. We not only supply round shape pails but also square and rectangular pails.


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