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Aluminium High Tensile Ladder


Aluminium climbing ladders are ideal for indoor and outdoor access solutions where a stable and secure platform is required. They are lightweight and mobile, and available in many sizes.

Aluminium alloys used in ladders are high tensile for lighter weight and greater strength so in general are tough and able to take general day-to-day wear and tear very well. They will dent and but not chip or crack when subjected to severe impact. They do not need a protective finish as they will not dry out or weather with age or sunlight exposure.

Aluminium is the most preferred metal for architecture and building industry due to many of it’s versatile properties :-

The specific gravity of Aluminium is 2.7 compared to 7.85 of mild steel.
Aluminium provides good corrosion resistance in all atmospheres including Marine atmosphere.
Aluminium Extruded Sections used in the manufacture of our ladders conform to B-51 SWP & HE-30 alloy standards which make them structurally very strong with strength comparable to steel in spite of being light in weight.
Almost all our ladders are fitted with solid rubber shoes on the top and at the bottom to prevent the ladder from slipping.
In some designs, you have an option of choosing ladders with or without hand Tails.
All our extension ladders are interlocked by means of a special bracket, operating is undertaken by means of an automatic swing safety clutch lock with pulleys fitted with manila ropes.n00




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